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Stikkpasser 150mm Wing Divider Spacing Gauge


Stikkpasser med stilleskrue for arbeid med lær, skinn, tre og tekstil.

Lockable Divider
Wing Leather Compass
Adjustable Spacing Gauge
Edge Holder
Measuring Carpenter Tool

Used for scribing, measuring, and dividing lines only for plant tanning and scleroderma.
With this gap gauge in the use of a rhombus bevel so that you do not run more fine and more beautiful work.
This leather craft compass is made of high quality metal material, which is firm and durable for longer service.
Adjustable – An adjusting screw has a self-seating washer and nut to permit quick and positive adjustment the width between the flat legs.

Material: metal
Length: 15 cm
Weight: 87 gram

Note: Different users have different requirements for the sharpness of the tip position. If rounderer grinding is needed, grinding stone, grinding paste and sandpaper can be used for self operation.

The leather compass is made of metal, it works smoothly for scribing and drawing
The wing divider comes with a lockable wing and widely applied for mechanical scribing, leather marking, making DIY crafts and more
The leather compass is used as a drawing tool and is suitable for measuring diameter or accurately reproducing

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