Niroxx Marina 140cm pr meter


Niroxx Marina selges pr lengdemeter, oppgi det antall meter du ønsker tilsendt på rull. Velg pakke til hentested, dette sendes ikke til postkassen. Vi har grå som standard lagervare som kan sendes samme dag, de øvrige tar 2 til 5 virkedager til de sendes fra oss.

99.042 Lys Grå
99.016 Varm Beige
99.020 Mandel Brun
99.099 Antrasit
99.013 Grå
99.001 Sort

Lysekthet 7 (1-8)
Bredde 140cm
Vekt 560gr
100% polyester, antibakterielt behandlet.
Slitestyrke: 75 000 Martindale

Vask: Bruk vann eller Nirocleaner. Rengjør ofte hvis stoffet er utsatt for sol og saltvann. Hold stoffet unna solen når det er tørt.
Flame Resistance EN 1021 1,2

Our Niroxx collection is produced with the utmost care for quality. The Niroxx collection is
permanently flame retardant, 100% waterproof and has a very high abrasion resistance and
Our collection has been tested by an independent institute in order to meet the highest
requirements in the contract market.
Useful information
• Niroxx is a 100% waterproof product. Use the right way to upholstery and no moisture will enter
the furniture
• Niroxx will retain its beautiful colour and features better by vacuuming regularly

Cleaning instructions
• Niroxx stays clean longer by wiping occasionally with a warm cloth, especially the parts that
contacts the body
• Never clean Niroxx with solvents
• By light pollution cleaning with lukewarm water is usually sufficient.
• Apply Nirocleaner or other alkaline detergent diluted on a cloth or sponge and wipe the surface,
leave the detergent a few minutes on the Niroxx before wiping of for a better result.
• Always use enough water!
• Use a brush to remove stubborn dirt when needed
• Clean the entire surface in order to prevent circles.
• Always end with clean water to remove soap residues, detergent residue ensures faster pollution
• After cleaning use an absorbing towel to remove most of the water from the Niroxx
• Give it time to dry

Estimert leveringstid: 5 dager
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