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Dryfeel 5cm – Skum utebruk 142x202cm HEL PLATE


Dryfeel er ideell for utebruk. Takket være den helt åpne strukturen, renner vann meget lett gjennom.

Dryfeel® is a load bearing foam that dries much faster because of its extremely porous cell structure. Dryfeel® is so open celled that water can just drain right through it, significantly reducing drying time, whilst retaining those all important comfort characteristics you need to relax and enjoy life outdoors. Dryfeel® is extremely well suited for applications in humid environments, such as outdoor furniture, boating cushions, camping, beach and pool cushions and mattresses,…

Inspiration for precipitation
We have engineered Dryfeel® to have a completely open cell structure by removing the foam cell walls in a special process. The completely open passageways mean that Dryfeel® absorbs less moisture and dries much faster than traditional PU seating and bedding foams and has long lasting performance in rainy conditions and even after sea water or pool water immersion.

Wide open cells
Breathable structure
Reliable comfort properties
Lasting resilience
Enhanced drying capabilities
Built-in bacteria protection
Not affected by seawater or pool water

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