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Skinnrens Wipes Keralux

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The Keralux Leather Care Wipes are designed for the easy care and maintenance of all smooth leather types — aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented leather. They are not recommended for suede, nubuck or any leather with a dry, rough or polished finish.

They work equally well in your car as well as on your leather chairs.

Unlike cheaper or more generic leather wipes, the Keralux Leather Care Wipes contain the same high-quality leather care ingredients used in the rest of the leather care range made by LCK in Germany. The LCK leather care products are designed and tested in conjuction with major furniture, automotive and aviation manufacturers and brands around the world.

These wipes are designed to enable quick and effective care of your leather between regular cleaning and conditioning. They can be used as often as needed but do not replace the recommended semi-annual cleaning and conditioning with the leather care kit appropriate to your leather type (Keralux Leather Care Set A for Aniline leather, Keralux Leather Care Set P for Pigmented leather, Keralux Leather Care Set S for saddle leather (waxy finish) or the Coralux Car Leather Care Set for automotive leather).

Contents: 60 wipes in an easy dispensing container.

Application: Use the wipes in large circular movements to remove soiling and add conditioning to the leather. Always treat your leather item from seam to seam. Replace the cloth when its conditioning ingredients have been used up or if it becomes excessively dirty.

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