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Fenice Power Cleaner 250ml Før farge el behandle skinn


Highly advanced product, designed to remove difficult stains from pigmented leather. Water-based and engineered for the professional cleaning of plastic and leather car interiors.

Pre-test: Due to the variety of car interiors, it is suggested to make a test on a hidden area to be sure your car interiors are fully compatible with the cleaning procedure. Wet the sponge with water. Gently rub in a hidden area and check if there is color loss on the sponge. If not, dilute 1 part of Power Cleaner with 10 parts of water and wet the sponge with the prepared mix. Repeat the test you did before and check if there is no color loss on the sponge. If you are satisfied with the result, proceed with the cleaning process.

Directions: Wet the sponge with Power Cleaner already diluted and rub with circular movements all plastic and leather car interiors. After cleaning, rinse with water and let dry at room temperature.


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