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Fenice Deep Cleaner 250ml Sterk rens før omfarging

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Deep Cleaner F is a strong, specific cleaner for pigmented leather. It performs a powerful cleaning action by removing all types of stains: oily/greasy stains, jeans and newspaper transfers in particular. This product must be used in a well ventilated area.

Pre-Test: Before use, check that the leather is colorfast. Dampen a white cloth with Deep Cleaner F and rub lightly on the leather in a hidden area. Check that you are satisfied with the results and that no color has been transferred to the cloth.

Directions: First, try to clean the leather with Ultra Rapid Leather Cleaner. If unsuccessful, after pre-testing, use Deep Cleaner F. Vacuum clean the leather with a softtipped brush. Shake the bottle. Use gloves. Wet a sponge with Deep Cleaner F and dab until the soil is dissolved, constantly checking for color transfer. If color starts transferring, discontinue use immediately. Do not rub! Wipe away with a clean nonabrasive cloth. Clean away all residues with Leather Cleaner. Let dry and protect leather with Leather Protector. Top Coat Spray might be needed if the leather was rubbed too aggressively or color transfer was experienced.

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